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Training Courses

Courses from 2 hours to 6 weeks. 

Meet the instructor:

Tom Love

Tom Love is a CEO, coach, mentor, speaker, and author.  He’s spent almost 50 years in sales and is a two-time presenter at the Million Dollar Round Table.  Tom leads a group of advisors from around the country teaching them a strategy of how to build wealth off the radar screen of the IRS for income tax purposes, using the current tax code. 

Looking back on his career, Love says he is most proud of helping others reach the pinnacle of success as they define it.

Curve Course 

6 weeks of weekly virtual training
Dates Coming Soon
Price $4,995

Signature Training Model


Explanation of Services

Quickly identify those who believe as you believe. 

Dates coming soon


Price $397

How to Turn clients into advocates

It's easier than you think.

Dates coming soon

Price $397

Bundle & Save
Get the E.O.S Course & How to Turn Clients into Advocates for $600

Authentic curiosity is a powerful builder of relationships.

Dates coming soon

Price $179

Objective Training

Conversion Points

Break the sales process into manageable, bite size pieces.

Dates coming soon

Price $297

Bundle & Save
Get Objective Training & Conversion Points for $400

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