The Breakaway League 
Membership Tiers

$900 for 3 Months
  • Facebook access

  • Attend 3 Monday Morning Calls

  • One 50/50 case split with Tom

$500 per month
  • Access to recorded training

  • Discounted Quarterly Meetings

  • Access to private Facebook Group

  • Access to select Breakaway University courses

$900 per month
  • Guaranteed Meetings with a Personal Mentor

  • Access to Private Facebook group

  • Attend Monday Calls – up to 2 hours

  • Weekly meetings with other members with similar experience

  • Discounted or Free Quarterly meetings

  • ​Discounted or Free Annual Mastermind with Guest Speakers

  • 50/50 group split

  • Individual case support

  • Access to online training videos

  • Protocol Workbook

  • Personal Business Traker TM

  • Discounted Mentor books

  • Free Access to online EOS Training

  • Refund of Platinum Dues or $10k after 10 cases – no time limit. After 10 cases, you become Alumni

  • Guaranteed to have Tom Love help with 2 of your cases with you and your client

$300 per month
  • Access to Private Facebook Group 

  • Discounted or Free Annual Mastermind with Guest Speakers

  • Access to online training videos

  • Protocol Workbook

  • Discounted Mentor books

  • Weekly live EOS Training

  • Attend Monday Morning Calls

  • Free Quarterly Meetings

  • Split 60/40 (40 to Mentor)

  • Individual case support

  • Required to split cases 5% with The Breakaway League 

  • If you bring in a recruit, 1 month free

This is an at will agreement, and it can be cancelled by either party at any time

For more information contact us at  or (800) 200-5683

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