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We do the homework for you.


We have several great newsletters in our industry that provide insights to financial advisors. Welcome to my newsletter for financial professionals.

We all have different perspectives. In Talk with Love, we focus on current events and give you the information necessary to start a conversation with a client or prospective client. In other words, we will do the homework for you. Our format will be to first identify the current event. Second, we will give you enough facts to be informed about that current event. Third, we will help you understand how that current event could impact your client or prospective clients' financial goals. Finally, we will give you ideas on how to start a conversation that drives not only that conversation, but curiosity within the person to whom you are speaking.

I believe one of the biggest reasons why our industry has such a high rate of failure isn't because the average agent doesn't see enough people, but rather that most agents either don't recognize a prospective client when they see one, or they don't know what to say to one they've identified. Our industry is taught to share with people the features and benefits of a product, and pressuring them to buy something. I believe that it is better to become a person of interest to people by helping them understand the implications of the financial decisions they are making. Part of that is to help them understand how the world at large affects those decisions.

The need to educate prospective clients in a way that is inclusive and not aggressive is the purpose behind this newsletter. Each month, we will take 3-5 current events straight from the media with the hope that our readers will be able to use that current event in their conversations to build their client base and business, and help their clients and prospective clients understand the power of what we do everyday.

The cost is $12.95 per month. Subscribers will provide a credit card and be billed monthly. You may cancel at any time by providing 30 days written notice. Active Members of The Breakaway League will receive a complimentary subscription as a membership benefit. Click Here to learn more about The Breakaway League.

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