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Virtual Boot Camp


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Virtual Boot Camp
September 5th, 2019
9:00AM-5:00PM EDT
Space in limited. 

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*Checks not accepted for Virtual Boot Camp 

During Tom's Boot Camp session, he will spend the day providing you with the details of his proven process from the introduction with your client to the placement of the case. You will learn:

  1. How to have an effective explanation of services. He will teach you how to be 100 percent sure you have a good prospect for an appointment.
  2. How to have an effective elevator speech and learn that WHAT you say is more important than WHO you say it to. You will learn to be a person of interest and attract people instead of building a career chasing prospects.
  3. The five parts to his efficient strategy where the average case results in over $58,000 of premium.
  4. The flexibility of the Ohio National's Prestige Max whole life policy and be given software examples of how to show unique strategies in premium design.
  5. How to earn the right to ask for and receive great referrals.
  6. How to identify seven places where to find $10,000's in potential premium.
  7. Three sales ideas and the language needed to secure your first appointment.


Ohio National is not affiliated with, nor does it endorse or sponsor any particular prospecting, marketing or selling system. Results may not be representative of the experience of other agents and are not a guarantee of success. Individual results will vary.