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The Breakaway League is an elite group of agents who teach financial advisors 
how wealth truly works.

We challenge the conventional wisdom of financial institutions because we believe net annual income is better than the biggest pile of money. We teach financial advisors to maximize their clients’ assets by creating custom distribution strategies for retirement that avoid unnecessary taxation. Our goal is to put clients in control of their money for their lifetime.

We also assist in business development for financial professionals. From building your business to maintaining a working schedule and specialized training strategies. Ask us how we can assist you today!

Breakaway From the Traditional

Is traditional financial planning the success your client wants?


Learn how to cushion your client from income tax liabilities.

Too Much 
Unnecessary Taxation?

Is taxation at distribution, and the lack of understanding about it, significantly reducing the amount of income for your clients?  


Learn how to use the tax code to your clients' advantage.

Create a Distribution Strategy

Are you ready for a broader wealth strategy that focuses on clients succeeding through retirement?


We use the current tax code to greatly reduce or eliminate income tax in retirement.

Learn from founder Tom Love and the Mentors about the strategy. 

What is a Mentor? Our Mentors are financial advisors just like you, who understand the subtleties of the strategy. Their goal is to help you and your client make full use of the strategy. There are a lot of moving parts to what we do, and the Mentors are there to grease the wheels. Many people in the country do what we do, but our strength is in how we do it.

What we do is not proprietary, how we do it is, and why we do it is because the average consumer needs and wants to hear about it.

If you believe what we believe, 

you should join us

Stay ahead of the 

compound curve

Jump start your journey to greater client wealth with this recommended reading. 

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