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What if you could spend your money and save it too? Inside are the tools necessary to create your own wealth, with as little risk as possible. Is it your intention to be debt-free, or have more money? Learn the same financial principles the wealthy use to get all the big buildings, while we have all the little ones. We are led to believe we have to pay off our loans before we can become successful. But why? 

Copy of Confessions Turned Out Not to Be

Confessions of a CPA – The Capital Equivalent Value of Life Insurance, explains a strategy that focuses on the distribution phase of our lifetime. Once you determine how much money you want in retirement, only then can you determine how to accumulate it. 

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A question I get almost every day is: “why isn’t everyone implementing the principles in this book?” The answer to that question is that everyone who understands these financial truths is implementing them. If you carefully read and absorb the financial principles of life insurance uncovered in this book, you will understand as well. 


This book will help you to turn your head 20 degrees and discover something wonderful that you have never seen before. Victor Hugo (author of Les Misérables) once said: “all the forces in the world are not so powerful as an idea whose time has come.”

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BOMBS! Is a compilation of power phrases for financial advisors who want to break the mold. This book is an essential tool for any student of The Breakaway League to be able to say exactly what your clients need to hear. 

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The Explanation of Services Workbook - PDF Version

"What do you do for a living?" Does it really matter how you answer that question? 


PDF Version

How to Turn Clients into Advocates is about more than increasing your own effectiveness, it inspires you to increase your relationships effectively. This book is filled with exercises and resources to use. With it Tom Love describes a way to help forge bonds with your clients, place the emphasis on your clients, and find the freedom to be who you want to be – not just your job description.”

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